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A highly detailed and integrated marketing strategy will be created for you and specifically for your dealership which will identify the key elements that are most likely to get more Ups, increase turns and increase sales.


Your online reputation either helps win customers away from your competition…

  • 82% of Internet users surveyed said reviews impacted their purchase decision

Or, drives your customers directly to your competitor’s door, phones or website.

  • 90% of unhappy clients will not do business with the same company again.

Bottom-line: your online reputation directly helps…or hurts…your business.

  • 70% consult reviews or ratings before purchasing.

And the impact of your reputation on your business’ success is only going to increase…

  • 50% of online searches are now local – up from 40% a year ago.

Take These 3 Steps to Protect Your Business and Profits Today!

step1  Contact us to ANALYZE your business’ reputation to see how competitive you really are.
step2 Contact us to MONITOR multiple aspects of your online reputation – including how well you’re competing against your top four competitors.
step3  Contact us to OPTIMIZE, MANAGE and MARKET your new reputation everywhere online for you.

We ANALYZE your business’ reputation in each of these areas to see how competitive your Reputation really is:

green_tickVisibility: Your PRESENCE SCORE measures your business’s visibility in local search sites, key Review sites and Business directories.Without a high Presence Score, your business is losing customers to competitors.

green_tickReviews: We analyze the number and sentiment of the reviews currently showing from verified source sites. Do you have an effective program in place to facilitate your customers leaving positive reviews and manage less positive reviews to keep them from being posted online?

green_tickMentions: We analyze the sentiment of social media posts, images, news releases, videos and articles about your business? Unless you’re active online, you won’t be able to control the conversation about your business – and thus your reputation.

green_tickDiscussions: We measure how actively you’re engaging with your customers and prospects through the four major social media accounts. If you fail to socialize with them and your competitor does – where will that leave your reputation?

green_tickCompetition: We measure and analyze your “share of voice” – or the aggregate impact of your visibility, reviews, mentions and discussions in your key markets. The competitor who commands the largest “share of voice,” in the market – wins. Will that be you?

We provide the most Comprehensive Reputation Analysis and Consultation on the market.

When combined with our unparalleled expertise in Reputation Monitoring and Solutions, together we’ll partner to develop the most competitive and comprehensive Reputation Marketing program in your market.