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The Importance of Reputation Marketing.

Did you know your business is probably listed on popular Internet directory sites like Google+ Local, Yellow Pages, and Judy’s Book?

As I am sure you know, reputation is everything, and in the past couple of years, there has been a surge of websites that allow customers and just about anybody to post reviews about any business.  These sites allow anyone to post a review about your business – positive or negative, true or untrue, customer or competition.

This businesses review for example:

indianapolis-reputation-marketing-855-642-1440Extremely rude! Not helpful at all. Would never take my car back to them ever!  I don’t understand. I called them up and was told there would be a couple days’ wait before my car could get worked on, which is understandable, coming out of a July 4th weekend. However, after explaining I hadn’t had my car worked on before, he told me he simply couldn’t work on my car.  At all.  Apparently you need to be a former customer of theirs to get service there because it wouldn’t be fair to push back my current clients? I’m confused and upset.

New customers looking to do business with you could potentially find hundreds of negative reviews about you online.  Normally, if bad reviews exist that would really deter most people and one thing I know to be true, is what people say about you can make you or break you!

We are digital marketing consultants whose expertise is in Online Marketing and Reputation Marketing and we can help you build a 5-star reputation that converts leads, drives sales, and grows businesses.

We’re letting you know about this because we realize you are busy running your business and not scanning these review sites.  We want to give you a FREE no obligation custom Reputation Report that reveals in detail your businesses online reviews.  Your potential customers are looking at them NOW and no matter how hard you try you cannot “wish” them away.

Enter your Business phone number at and the no obligation confidential report is yours to review

Please call us at 855-642-1440 to discuss the Free Reputation Report for your business and together we can begin to build you a 5-Star online reputation because it is very important for you to take command of your online reputation.

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