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You have probably heard of the phrase Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Businesses developing their web pages had better learn the use of SEO to increase their chances of being searched and visited by prospective clients.  The internet is filled with millions pages of information and thousands more are upload each day and for your site to be searched by your prospective clients can be a huge challenge. A single search can bring up tons of results, and people are always more likely to click on the top result—so this is where you want to land. You want your business web page to be at the first page of every related search, you want people to click on your site before they even check out the competition.

Your main business website objective is to compel people to do the action you desire—whether to make a purchase, offer their support, sign up for regular updates, or book a visit to your business. At the end of the day, your business will be measured by the number of people who visit your site, respond to your call to action, and bring income to your business.

Here are a few quick tips to help you use SEO even more effectively.

Use keyword phrases and not just keywords

Most people get stuck with thinking of single words for SEO. Like a business offering legal assistance would most like use ‘dental’ as an SEO keyword. But remember that good phrases are very effective SEO. So be creative with your phrases as well.

Be more specific with your keywordsResults Through Technology Indianapols Indiana 855-642-1440 5820 N BIttersweet Road Morgantown Indiana SEO Marketing

If you are into the shoe business, don’t just use ‘shoes’ but be more bold as to use SEO words like ‘running shoes’ or ‘men’s comfortable shoes’. Unless you are a giant shoe manufacturing business, using ‘shoes’ as your top SEO keyword will most likely not land you good traffic.

Use the Google Wonder Wheel

This could be your best kept secret to effective SEO. The software will help you arrive at the best SEO keywords you can use for your business. Google will assist you with using keywords by showing you how it actually groups words together during searches. You will be surprised at the keyword phrases you can use for your business.

Repetition is effective

Try to repeat several SEO keywords and phrases multiple times creatively and appropriately as necessary in the content you are writing. But remember not to use keywords for topics just to be searchable if you do not have sufficient information about it. As you mix in various SEO phrases make your content interesting and don’t just talk about the same thing over and over with just different keywords and phrases.

Website Marketing Strategy

Remember that your keywords and phrases should sit well with the entire website marketing strategy. There should be ample planning when using SEO, don’t just pick out random words and start creating aimless content. Everything should fit into your marketing plan and desired messaging objectives.

The first and most important step to making a website conversion is your site’s searchability. How can there be any new patients if people can’t even find you? Whether you like it or not, people will not waste time and effort trying to locate you online, once they can’t find you at the first try they’ll shift to the competition. This is where SEO comes in. Effective use of SEO keyword and phrases can land your business at the top of every search result bringing in more traffic and income to your business than ever before. Always remember there are so many other businesses competing for your markets’ attention so you need to rise above them all and be noticed.

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