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The SQL*Plus COLUMN command allows you to have SELECT statement results stored into a SQL*Plus variable. You can then use that variable later in your SQL*Plus script. The two scripts below are simple examples of this capability.

rem Get the database name and use it in the spool command to spool to a file that 
rem is named according to the database name.
column db_name noprint new_value db_name
select name db_name from v$database;
spool &db_name..rpt

rem Set the output linesize to the maximum length of any data in the column that you are
rem selecting.
set pagesize 0
set feedback off
column line_size noprint new_value line_size
select max(length(mydata)) line_size from mytable;
set linesize &line_size
spool mytable.rpt
select mydata from mytable;
spool off


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