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Marketing your business online is today’s biggest thing you can do to grow your business.

The rise of internet has brought a new business paradigm for start-up entrepreneurs. Gone are the days when marketing was confined within the bounds of traditional media. Today, online media is where it all happens. When people make a decision to purchase a product or avail of a service, they do it online. People who live a mobile lifestyle can easily log on and surf various web pages even while on the run. The internet is now the easiest, most convenient, and even the most reliable resource available to consumers.

Tracking your Marketing Results Through Technology 855-643-1440 5820 N BIttersweet Rd Morgantown IN 46160So if you’ve just started a business whether on your own or with a team, make sure you get enough online presence as possible. Create a website that will speak well of your business and your services. What type of people do you want to reach? What response do you want from them? How will you keep them engaged? All these may sound like easy questions, but to be able to understand how your audience react will help you plan your business more effectively.

There are several ways to help ensure your website marketing’s effectiveness. The following are the essential elements:

  • Good, honest, and updated content.
  • Effective use of keywords and SEO for all content throughout the site.
  • User-friendly website navigation.
  • Quick customer response.
  • Mobile website access for customers on the go.
  • Website Tracking.

Web Page Tracking

One of the least explored marketing element is website tracking. Not all businesses see the need to study and review their web tracking results. Not knowing that this simple information can play a major role in increasing website traffic and website conversions. By measuring and reviewing tracking reports you will be able to take a closer look at crucial information on how many people visited your site whether they converted or not, which part of your site is most visited, what are the demographics of your visitors, how long do they stay on specific pages of your site, and many other important information that can guide you on how to go about marketing your business online.

Being able to track specific activities on your web page will help you decide what next steps to take in your website marketing plan. One of the best online sites offering this service of tracking your website activity is Google using its ‘Google Analytics’. The software is free to use and very effective. In a few clicks you will be able to set-up tracking for your site for free.Below are the other benefits of being able to track you web page activities:

  • Get detailed statistics and even demographics of your visitors. Find out where they are from and how they landed on your site. This will also help you assess if your marketing strategy is targeting the right market you desire.
  • Get the opportunity to improve your web content. Tracking services allow you to see which part of your site gets the most visit an the longest time spent on it. With this you can be able to streamline content that hardly gets visited and make it more interesting and updated.
  • Find out from which platform your site gets the most visits—is it from mobile devices, smart phones, tablets etc. With this information you can better optimise your website layout for specific devices that often visit your web page. You may even improve screen resolutions and content based on the results you get.
  • By comparing all data over a period of time you will be able to develop some understanding of online customer behaviour. This will allow you to make better business decisions.

 Sales Tracking

  • In order to understand your marketing return on investment or ROI, you have to track the source of your leads, their conversion and the resulting income and profit generated by these conversions.
  • This can be done by your customer relationship management system or CRM, or it can be tracked on Google Docs or on a simple spread sheet or day planner. Whatever the method, you must understand the financial return generated by your marketing efforts.

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